Hello Seedify.fund community,

Today we are pleased to announce that we will be integrating Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As the industry-leading Random Number Generator (RNG) solution, our integration with Chainlink VRF will result in a fully transparent, tamper-proof, and trustworthy process for determining which users in lower tiers receive allocations to IDOs on the Seedify.fund Launchpad.

Because there is a very high number of participants in the lower tiers of Seedify.fund IDOs, we will select participants from those tiers using a randomized lottery system. …

Gaming today, which a recent Accenture study shows, is a $300 billion industry with 2.7 billion players worldwide. From a board game called Senet, played in predynastic Egypt, to the invention of the first video game and most recently evolving to mobile applications, gaming has been a source of entertainment for mankind, for thousands of years. The gaming industry has been evolving rapidly in the past few years and is bound to continue this innovation trend and keep making groundbreaking technological advancements for the foreseeable future.

WHY NFTs in gaming?

Why NFT based games? You may ask yourself; what value do NFTs bring to the gaming world?

While game developers and publishers have had the monopoly on the financial benefits of…

In this blog article, we would like to explore the applications and advantages of NFTs in Gaming, so we can supply our community with more information and useful content before Seedify.fund NFT-Gaming Ideathon.

If it’s your first time coming across the word ‘NFT’, or you don’t know what it really stand for, it means “Non-fungible Tokens”.

There are two types of tokens, which are; Fungible and Non-fungible Tokens.

What are Fungible Tokens (FT) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)?

NFT is a type of token that is distinct from each other and cannot be interchanged. …

Hello Seedify.fund Community!

Today we are happy to announce an ecosystem partnership with Hotbit exchange, welcoming them to our Solution Partners Program, as well as the announcement of SFUND’s Hotbit listing that will take place on Friday, the 30th of this month.

Hotbit has already listed over 60+ tokens on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and accumulated a huge amount of BSC fans, becoming a go to exchange for many BSC projects. They also do weekly reports for BSC ecosystem tokens, as well as give media and community support both globally and within China.

Through our partnership with Hotbit & their…

Hello everybody!

Today we would like to announce the first Ideathon of Seedify.fund. Without commencing on the article further, let’s understand what an ideathon is.

Inspired by the concept “hackathon”, it is an event for creating innovative ideas and solutions, simply put, where great ideas compete on a certain topic, while rewarding the best ideas.

At Seedify.fund our aim is to foster blockchain-based innovations in many areas, supporting them with a seed funding mechanism, decentralized incubator and launchpad, so new innovations can get the funds, professional support environment, and community awareness & marketing they need, so they can become successful…

Today we would like to introduce you to Ali Karabey, on our series called Get to Know Seedify.fund Advisors.

Ali Karabey is a veteran VC with a deep know-how on technology startups , investment management, venture capital, private equity, and financial side of technology scaling & growth.

Ali Karabey is a co-founder and partner at 212 (A VC firm with numerous technology and startup investments).

He has spent his career focused on technology and communications investments. …

Hello Seedify.fund Community,

Today we would like to introduce you İsmail Hakki Polat, as one of the advisors of Seedify.fund.

With his academic, media, technology and blockchain background, he will be advising Seedify.fund on numerous aspects related to the growth of our ecosystem.

Let’s get to know him:

Ismail Hakki Polat graduated from The Middle East Technical University Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department in 1989.

In his professional carrier between 1989–2004, he mainly worked in the globally leading telco companies such as Siemens, Nortel, Ericsson and Turkcell in different positions ranging from engineering to executive management.

Since 2004, he has…

Seedify.fund’s Launchpad and other products that create the Seedify.fund ecosystem as a blockchain innovation hub is continuing with speed.

In this article we want to provide you answers to questions that you may have in mind, to help you understand everything about Seedify.fund Launchpad better.

As you know Seedify.fund will consist of a Seed Stage Funding mechanism, a Decentralized Incubator, and a Launchpad. …

As Seedify.fund we are pleased to announce a partnership with Mochi.Market, an NFT focused project who developed the first token claimable NFT airdrop smart contract service, initially for Seedify.fund.

As well as live to be used by the whole market, to increase the adoption of NFT related campaigns, thus increasing the awareness and adoption of NFTs in the blockchain ecosystem, and outside of the blockchain ecosystem as well.

We will use Mochi.Market’s airdrop service on the NFT lottery we held, celebrating our community’s vote to be on Binance Smart Chain, which had over 250.000 entries, where 100 random lucky winners…

SFUND Yield Farming

Hello Seedify.fund Community!

Seedify.fund is now live on Pancakeswap, and SFUND Yield Farming program is live as well!

Those who put liquidity at Pancakeswap on the initial pair of SFUND, which is SFUND/BNB pair; can stake the LP tokens they get from Pancakeswap at TosDis’ web app’s farming section, where SFUND pool for SFUND-BNB will be there for you to earn SFUNDs with your LP tokens.

Getting Your SFUND and BNB Ready

For those who are new to yield farming/liquidity mining programs here is the first section of our step by step guide, so you have both SFUND and BNB to pair for liquidity:

  1. First of…

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