Success is often the sum of daily efforts produced daily. And the best way to get more things produced, is to have a team of focused, determined and skilled individuals who execute towards a common goal.

In this third article, regarding the changes that are happening at Seedify, while we are moving towards a Blockchain Gaming Launchpad with completely new approaches, let’s define the goals of the new Seedify more clearly first.

Then sharing our new team formations will be much more relatable, and you will be able to see the vision of the future just like we do.


In our first article regarding the changes that are taking place in while transforming into a Blockchain Gaming Launchpad, we have covered “The New Tier System”.

Let’s now share more details on the core evolutions that will take place in’s feature set to deliver the best Blockchain Gaming Launchpad experience.

The next is about focus, dedication and excellence.

So rather than working on many products besides our Launchpad, and just doing them in an average way, we will put all our energy into making our Launchpad experience, the best experience possible.

For this we are focusing on…

Since we released our recent article “Time for a Great Change”, where we revealed the new as a focused blockchain gaming only innovation hub, we received an overwhelmingly positive response from our community.

Communicating the problems with the old transparently, and addressing the problem with a solution we believe in, unleashed a new aura, which brought us a renewed passion, and a realization that we are not alone in our feelings regarding blockchain gaming.

While pivoting into the new Seedify, as a focused, differentiated Blockchain Gaming Incubator & Launchpad, it is important to continue to evolve from our…

Hello fellow Community Members,

Today marks the day of an important change/evolution. As, when we started, our journey was about all sorts of innovations on blockchain to get the funds they need and become fundamentally stronger projects that will bring adoption, use cases and more.

While we were very passionate about supporting the blockchain revolution through our value propositions, quickly generalist fundraising projects became a highly saturated area compared to when we started. With over 30–40 launchpads who serve all project categories.

From a business standpoint, being in a highly saturated space is something that affects us negatively…

*This guide is for those who are whitelisted on the IDOs.

IOS: Trust Wallet

1. Open (Safari browser only)

2. Connect wallet: Pop-up will appear select Trust wallet.

3. Next click Pop-up Message from Trust wallet (asking to connect trust wallet to allow.

Safepal Wallet

1- Open the wallet dapp browser type

2- Before proceeding ensure next to the domain is BSC selected.

Hello Community,

Today we are ready to share an exciting announcement about our collaboration with CryptoBlades on their new game, which will come with many great features and mechanics that will evolve the current CryptoBlades game into a complete world, with lands, guilds, buildings, new sets of gameplay such as raid mechanisms, PvP, PvE, dungeons, and many more to immerse players into the world of CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

We have been discussing the features and gameplay of the evolution of CryptoBlades with the team for over a month, carefully crafting the elements that will make CryptoBlades, the already most played…

Hello Community!

We are excited to be hosting WIZARD.Financial as the first IDO on the Launchpad. Today we want to share an article with a bit more information on the upcoming IDO and the Wizard platform.

If thou art a fantasy or retro game lover then search no further. Behold thine magical adventure has arrived, in which thee, as a Wizard will be able to earn exquisite rewards. …

If you are an entrepreneur / innovator who is looking to raise funds for your blockchain project, the acronym IDO (Initial Dex Offering) is one of the simple ways to reach the resources your project needs.

Projects teams who want hold an IDO, have two options:

  1. Developing your own fundraising smart contract, creating your own community, marketing on your own and hosting your IDO on your own website.
  2. And the second option is using a Launchpad, (1) where you can host your IDO using an already developed and audited smart contract, (2) reaching an already available community who is looking…

Often the power of marketing, and staying consistent with an approach is an overlooked aspect of successful products.

While developing Launchpad, we were fully aware of the competitive nature of the blockchain launchpad market.

In an industry that is very competitive, the strategy to bring consistent quality IDOs can not come from a wishful thinking that great projects will come and find us on a consistent basis. At least in the beginning.

Build it and they will come” is a rather too optimistic approach for products that want to cut through the noise and competition.

In this article, we…

While the state of markets change some may ask “how will Launchpads survive in times where IDOs are not too favorable”?

This article is to address what brings to the table not just for days with sun and rainbows, but also for those days, where the only great thing to do is to #BUIDL.

In the past, veterans of cryptocurrency market has already gone through many market cycles, where ICOs/IDOs were the hottest thing at one point, and then they were not in other market conditions. …

Seedify Fund

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