Hello, Seedify Community!

Don your armour, sharpen your swords and prepare for battle. Today, we are incredibly excited to share ‘the announcement’ that the community has been anxiously waiting for. The highly anticipated Cryptoblades Kingdoms Private Sale and IGO will arrive on the Seedify Launchpad on September 28th and 29th, respectively!

Welcome to an unforgiving world, built for the survival of the bravest, the fiercest and the most ruthless. The builders of empires and destroyers of peace rule these lands. The survival of your village and your future is defined by a few simple words; winner or loser, the conquered…

As Seedify, we have gone through a tier system change in the past, where we upgraded our 3 tier system to a 9 tier system where all tiers were guaranteed.

The initial version of the 9 tier system consisted of a system where it was based on guaranteed allocations for all tiers with a pool weight formula, where going to the next bigger tier also gave high pool weight bonuses.

While the first version of the 9 tier system created a more fair system compared to the old 3 tier system, it still created some problems, especially after the amount…

It is great that you have decided to join the revolution of blockchain gaming with Seedify!

Before you start joining IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) at Seedify, it would be better for you to know every step of the process. Therefore, we have covered it all for you in this guide!

KYC process

First thing first, we want to share that each Seedify IGO participant needs to do KYC with a third party app we are using called Blockpass, so everything is according to regulations.

This guide here, will be there for you to help your KYC verification process. …

Seedify is an incubator and launchpad for blockchain games, and gamers.

Through the play-to-earn revolution, a completely new era is starting for the gaming industry. Whereas games were just about having fun before, now gamers are starting to make money from time spent on games, through earning in-game item NFTs and tokens.

The new forms of benefits blockchain brings to the table in the form of transparency, ownership, incentive models, and NFTs are disruptive evolutions for games.

Gaming industry market value peaked at 159.3 Billion $ in 2020, with over 2.7 billion gamers around the world. 2021 figures suggest an…

Seedify.fund is continuing to bring new powerhouses onboard to shape the next evolution of gaming through play-to-earn blockchain gaming revolution.

Yesterday we have announced JRNY Crypto, and today we are announcing another great youtuber, entrepreneur, and gaming enthusiast; Alex Becker!

Alex Becker is a personality that many of you guys know through his Youtube channel mostly, which has over 700k+ subscribers, with massive engagement metrics. Also he is very active on Twitter.

Alex is also the founder of a software company, which had over 20m in annual sales this year, and knows indie game launching and marketing like the back…

As Seedify is changing, adapting and evolving we are continuing to bring new powerhouses that will increase the impact we will make in the ecosystem.

Our newest addition as a strategic advisor is one of the top blockchain related youtubers; JRNY Crypto (Tony)!

If you have been following the blockchain ecosystem for a while, you have likely come across JRNY’s videos, regarding crypto market, news, project reviews, and trends.

With over 500k Subscibers on his Youtube Channel, and 350k+ followers on Twitter, and very high engagement metrics, Tony has created one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency channels in 2021.


Seedify.fund is excited to announce Cryptomeda’s exclusive IDO that will take place on the 24th of August. This article gives you all the information you need to know about Cryptomeda and more!

Warriors and Elders of Blockchain Gaming Era!

Today we have the pleasure to reveal to you a new Seedify.fund incubation with the Warriors of Aradena (WoA) team!

This will be a historic moment, as Seedify and WoA team will be pioneering the bridging between an NFT Avatar Drop and their Play-to-Earn game incubation. …

Success is often the sum of daily efforts produced daily. And the best way to get more things produced, is to have a team of focused, determined and skilled individuals who execute towards a common goal.

In this third article, regarding the changes that are happening at Seedify, while we are moving towards a Blockchain Gaming Launchpad with completely new approaches, let’s define the goals of the new Seedify more clearly first.

Then sharing our new team formations will be much more relatable, and you will be able to see the vision of the future just like we do.


In our first article regarding the changes that are taking place in Seedify.fund while transforming into a Blockchain Gaming Launchpad, we have covered “The New Tier System”.

Let’s now share more details on the core evolutions that will take place in Seedify.fund’s feature set to deliver the best Blockchain Gaming Launchpad experience.

The next Seedify.fund is about focus, dedication and excellence.

So rather than working on many products besides our Launchpad, and just doing them in an average way, we will put all our energy into making our Launchpad experience, the best experience possible.

For this we are focusing on…

Seedify Fund

Blockchain Gaming Incubator and Launchpad. Website: https://seedify.fund/

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