A detailed approach to gathering consistent quality IDOs

Often the power of marketing, and staying consistent with an approach is an overlooked aspect of successful products.

While developing Seedify.fund Launchpad, we were fully aware of the competitive nature of the blockchain launchpad market.

In an industry that is very competitive, the strategy to bring consistent quality IDOs can not come from a wishful thinking that great projects will come and find us on a consistent basis. At least in the beginning.

Build it and they will come” is a rather too optimistic approach for products that want to cut through the noise and competition.

In this article, we want to detail out the strategies we will use on a variety of different channels, so to bring forward the financial benefits that will come from our Launchpad on a consistent basis for our token holders.

But first let’s dive into certain numbers so we can think in terms of whether Seedify.fund Launchpad can be a big player in the market, according to competitive analysis;

If we look at the numbers by the amount of holders Seedify.fund has here are some of the metrics:

25,500 holders + About 5,000 stakers and farmers (at TosDis)

DAO Maker;
7,700 holders + Stakers (Information not available on the number)

40,000 holders https://etherscan.io/token/0x83e6f1E41cdd28eAcEB20Cb649155049Fac3D5Aa

Since Polkastarter and DAOmaker are the Launchpads with highest market capitalization, in this competitive analysis we included them.

If we look at the social media data, the virality metrics of Seedify.fund is actually higher, on a post-per-engagement basis compared to the competition.

From a project’s perspective who wants to hold their IDOs at our Launchpad this means more free marketing, and more brand awareness for each project that hold their IDOs at Seedify.fund Launchpad.

While Seedify.fund’s metrics show great value propositions for new IDOs due to the sheer community size and engagement we have built, without approaching to projects from all channels available, we will miss every opportunity that we don’t take.

So what we are going to do is pretty simple; rather than expecting great projects to come to us, we will go to them. After a consistent number of IDOs, the word of mouth itself will start to generate more and more projects, but until then there is work to be done.

Referral Program where community members can earn through referring projects to Seedify.fund Launchpad

Half of our ambassadors fully focusing on bringing new IDOs

Banner program directed towards projects to apply to our Launchpad, on crypto networks and blockchain news sites

Focused Launchpad content as articles, videos and infographics showcasing Seedify.fund Launchpad’s advantages for projects

Promo articles on blogs directed especially towards project teams with a link to IDO application form

Reaching out directly to new projects on a consistent basis through email and telegram

Having banners on most ICO/IDO listing websites so new projects can see our value propositions for them and apply right away

While these 7 bullet points will be our main strategies to approach new projects, by consistently putting our efforts, resources, and A/B testing variables into action, we will start to derive more successful outcomes, and thus bring consistent quality IDOs to Seedify.fund Launchpad.

IDO Referral Program

Also, as stated above, as a community member you can also use your time and skills, to earn;

  • 3,000 USD worth of SFUNDs
  • as well as tier 3 guaranteed allocation on each project that you referred

through recommending new projects to launch their IDOs at Seedify.fund Launchpad.

For this, all you need to do is recommend us to new projects, tell them about our value propositions, get the green light from one of the team members of the project, and then filling out the form below.

IDO Referral Program form: https://p50z1ifoy8t.typeform.com/to/HrEOMy8P

If the project passes the initial vetting and screening after the form is filled, we will contact you, and request you to create a group in Telegram so we can talk further with project representatives in a mutual group.

For each project that you refer that holds their IDO at Seedify.fund Launchpad, you will earn the rewards described above.

On a side note, it is important for us to have quality projects, so the only thing we recommend regarding the IDO Referral Program is to get in contact with projects that our community would be excited about.

Only projects that we will launch at our Launchpad will accrue rewards, so quality projects are the key for earning IDO Referral Program rewards.

Blockchain Gaming Incubator and Launchpad. Website: https://seedify.fund/