Advantages of Launchpad for Blockchain Projects

If you are an entrepreneur / innovator who is looking to raise funds for your blockchain project, the acronym IDO (Initial Dex Offering) is one of the simple ways to reach the resources your project needs.

Projects teams who want hold an IDO, have two options:

  1. Developing your own fundraising smart contract, creating your own community, marketing on your own and hosting your IDO on your own website.
  2. And the second option is using a Launchpad, (1) where you can host your IDO using an already developed and audited smart contract, (2) reaching an already available community who is looking to fund new projects, and (3) getting extra marketing benefits on top of your own marketing efforts.

Nowadays most projects use option 2 because they recognize the added benefits they gain from using Launchpads.

When looking for a Launchpad there are certain qualities projects look for in their Launchpad providers, these are;

  • Is the smart contract of the Launchpad audited? If yes, is it done by a major auditor in the blockchain space?
  • How big is the community of the Launchpad provider? Is it large enough to enable you to reach your fundraising goals?
  • Does the Launchpad provider promise extra free marketing for your project, in order for your project to reach more brand awareness and create a bigger community?
  • Which level of support can they provide for your project to have a smooth experience? Are they available for you regarding advisory and industry best practices?

These are reasonable questions to ask before you decide which Launchpad you want to work with to jumpstart your blockchain project.

On the other side, Launchpads themselves have their own questions about each project as well. For example, at Launchpad we don’t host all projects. Our community needs to be excited about what you are offering. We are looking for teams who are open to feedback and suggestions from the community; projects that can grow with the community in every aspect.

If you are a project founder or member who is looking to raise funds, here are the advantages we offer for projects we would love to host:

  • We have a pretty big community whose main interest is supporting new blockchain projects. To put it in numbers: has about 200k followers on twitter, 110k community members on telegram, 90k readers on medium, with pretty high engagement metrics in all these social channels.
  • There are currently about 30000 people holding / farming / staking our native token SFUND. Most of these blockchain enthusiasts are holding our tokens because they are interested in funding new projects through IDOs and getting tokens from newborn projects.
  • On each IDO we hold, we promise a minimum of $40k worth of influencer marketing done on youtube and twitter strictly for marketing your IDO, from our own resources for free.
  • We provide free advisory before, during and after your IDO. The more successful your project becomes, that’s a win for our community and us as well.
  • For each IDO we push PR advertorials, so your IDO can be picked from many websites in the cryptosphere. As well as unique content delivery published in our own blog, and our social channels, so your project’s offerings and your brand can reach more people. Coupled with some viral giveaways to enrich the audience size.
  • Also, on the Launchpad smart contract side, we have a fully secure smart contract to host your IDO, with robust features, audited by Certik, one of the leading security audit firms in the blockchain industry. Audit link:

Simply put, your success means a lot to us, and if your project has the attributes we look for, we will ensure to amplify the benefits you will get from your IDO fundraising process.

Our goal is to help new quality projects realize their vision and make a positive impact through blockchain innovation, while providing financial benefits to our token holders and building a strong base community for the projects we help launch.

If you are interested in launching your IDO at Launchpad here is our application form;

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