Get to Know Advisors — Ali Karabey

Today we would like to introduce you to Ali Karabey, on our series called Get to Know Advisors.

Ali Karabey is a veteran VC with a deep know-how on technology startups , investment management, venture capital, private equity, and financial side of technology scaling & growth.

Ali Karabey is a co-founder and partner at 212 (A VC firm with numerous technology and startup investments).

He has spent his career focused on technology and communications investments. After graduating from the University of Michigan, in 1999, Ali joined Arthur Andersen in New York where he oversaw mid-market transactions in technology, media, and telecommunications.

In 2002, he joined Morgan Stanley Capital International where he managed the North American and European finance teams.

Ali spent a year from 2007–2008 at Deutsche Bank where he served on the bank’s principal investments team.

In 2008, he shifted his focus to the Middle East where he seized on the opportunity to work on helping companies go to scale. He worked with the Turkish government and private sector on finance and private equity projects.

At 212, Ali serves on the boards of AppSamurai, Avatao, Insider, Solvoyo, and Smartmessage. In addition, Ali sits on the Advisory Board of Endeavor and is a member of the Istanbul chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization.’s note:

As our product cycle starts with an early stage Seed Funding Mechanism, and ends with a Launchpad for pre-market fundraising.

Ali Karabey’s extensive understanding of the investment side, with a background in numerous leading financial organizations’ investment teams such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, as well as being a veteran VC at 212 and having helped numerous startups reach to global scale is an outstanding asset for

While going for decentralization of the traditional investment vehicles, we believe it is important to bridge the gaps, have people like Ali Karabey who understand the nature of successful investments and breakthrough technologies, to foster a sustainable and scalable model at

Also, Ali being an advisory board member of Endeavor (The Top Entrepreneurship Organization in the world) and Entrepreneurs Organization (14.000 members in 61 countries), the two most reputable entrepreneurship organizations of the world, will construct a bridge to world’s most extensive entrepreneurship networks, where memberships are given to only the most successful entrepreneurs and pioneers of each nation.

Ali Karabey’s advisory, know how, network, and great understanding of investment vehicles for scaling projects to global adoption will prove to be very valuable to, and the projects that we fund.

Ali Karabey’s socials:

A blockchain innovation ecosystem with a Seed Stage Fund, Decentralized Incubator & Launchpad. Website:

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