Ideathon for NFT-Gaming with SFUND Rewards & Seed Funding

Hello everybody!

Today we would like to announce the first Ideathon of Without commencing on the article further, let’s understand what an ideathon is.

Inspired by the concept “hackathon”, it is an event for creating innovative ideas and solutions, simply put, where great ideas compete on a certain topic, while rewarding the best ideas.

At our aim is to foster blockchain-based innovations in many areas, supporting them with a seed funding mechanism, decentralized incubator and launchpad, so new innovations can get the funds, professional support environment, and community awareness & marketing they need, so they can become successful projects, bringing adoption to blockchain industry.

In this first Ideathon we want innovators, gamers, and NFT enthusiasts to generate their ideas for:

  • Connecting gaming and NFTs
  • Generating the game concept
  • Explaining the game concept in a lightpaper
  • Explaining how NFTs will be used within the game
  • And what kind of exciting things there will be for gamers and NFT enthusiasts

The Ideathon on NFT-Gaming will start on the 15th of May and will last for 2 weeks, and until then we will market and promote this event so we can bring a lot more innovators who can compete with their ideas on this fun and interesting topic.

More information will be published prior to the start of the Ideathon.

During the event each project will be able to put their ideas on blockchain and get voted directly on blockchain.

As we believe NFT based games will be a major adoption enhancer for blockchain ecosystem, and innovators will be able to use our seed funding mechanism, incubator and Launchpad, if their ideas get the community votes, and prove to be great concepts.

While the ideathon itself will have prizes in SFUNDs, with a pool of 50000 SFUND tokens.

Out of this pool:

The most voted idea will get : 25000 SFUNDs
The second best will get: 12500 SFUNDs

3rd will get: 7500 SFUNDs , 4th and 5th will get: 2500 SFUNDs

SFUND price:

Also the 1st prize winner will automatically be eligible for seed funding, which is 75.000$ funding in exchange for 3% of the future tokens. As well as entry to our incubator to make their idea more robust through professional mentorship and support, as well as automatic entry to Launchpad for IDO.

For reference on’s innovation hub:


The winners will need to reach a 10% quorum, meaning 10% of the circulating SFUNDs will need to cast their votes on the idea, and the winners will be selected according to how much yes votes they get.

Decentralized Voting:

Voting will be done through, through all votes will be gasless, so community members who hold SFUND can cast their votes without paying any gas fees. Each SFUND holding will have 1 vote, so those who have more SFUNDs will have more voting power in the ideathon event.

Support after the competition:

As we will welcome each project to also put their ideas for voting on the seed funding mechanism, incubator and launchpad.

The winner will be automatically eligible, while the other ideas on the ideathon will need to apply for decentralized voting for the community to choose them. During this process they will be able to also get community feedback, and make their ideas & concepts more robust before applying.

For announcements and further info on the NFT-Gaming Ideathon:

More info on NFT-Gaming Ideathon will be published in the upcoming days. While this 2 week period is for innovators and gamers to get ready with their ideas & concepts, we will share more information on our channels, as well as market this event through many different strategies. Socials for updates on Ideathon, and news:


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