Introduction to


In this first article of ours, we would like to introduce to you all!

When we were first envisioning, the main problems we wanted to tackle were:

  • To create a seed fund for blockchain innovations in a completely decentralized way, so not only big hedge funds and investors, but also all sorts of retail cryptocurrency investors can support new projects from their seed stages, before they even have a token.
  • To run this fund through a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) where our community can decide through decentralized voting, which projects should get a seed fund to materialize their ideas.
  • And lastly, to support the selected projects through a decentralized incubator, where experts, professionals in their fields can help projects that are selected, done through category based systems, in areas such as User interfaces & User experience, Marketing, Content & Communication, Token utility & Tokenomics, Branding & Visuals, Development, Whitepaper & Technical Paper, DAO & Community Engagement

so each and every part of these projects can reach their full potential, and become very successful projects when they get released to the market.

While tackling these problems, we believe that it is important to have the right win/win systems, as well as reward systems, so everyone involved in our ecosystem can have new benefits unlocked such as;

  • Staking for token holders so they can get reward tokens from all projects that are selected for funding and incubation
  • Rewards for community members who help projects succeed in many different areas and categories
  • Liquidity mining program for those who want to support our market activities in dexes
  • As well as a way to get seed funded and incubated in a completely decentralized way for entrepreneurs and innovators, so they can materialize their ideas, and start to reach higher potentials of success.

These are the main ideas through which was born.

Our seed fund/incubator also has DeFi-like mechanisms, through the staking system we will offer. In our next articles we will delve into the details of all the major systems of further.

But if you are already curious, our whitepaper is up on:

Blockchain Gaming Incubator and Launchpad. Website: