New Partnership Between and Mochi.Market on Redeemable NFTs

As we are pleased to announce a partnership with Mochi.Market, an NFT focused project who developed the first token claimable NFT airdrop smart contract service, initially for

As well as live to be used by the whole market, to increase the adoption of NFT related campaigns, thus increasing the awareness and adoption of NFTs in the blockchain ecosystem, and outside of the blockchain ecosystem as well.

We will use Mochi.Market’s airdrop service on the NFT lottery we held, celebrating our community’s vote to be on Binance Smart Chain, which had over 250.000 entries, where 100 random lucky winners were selected to win a special NFT, which is redeemable for 1000 SFUND each.
Besides this collaboration, our partnership with Mochi.Market will continue on other aspects related to the NFT market, since their main aim is to develop the “Uniswap of NFTs”, a dex where there can be AMM liquidity for NFTs, which as, we believe will serve great to the NFT market, and increase the adoption of NFTs even further.

MochiLabs co- founded by Sophia Ho and a co-founding team mainly made up of skilled blockchain researchers and engineers, who have won many awards and hackathons, the most recent one being the Binance Hackathon — The Future is Now, Third Prize and Honorable Mentions Prize.

As, we are a blockchain innovation ecosystem, with a Seed Stage Fund, Decentralized Incubator, and Launchpad to foster the innovations of blockchain ecosystem, and we see NFT category as a groundbreaking technology, which will have many different use cases in the future, and thus we will also have a particular funding system for NFT artists and creations, funding NFTs through “Initial NFT Offerings” as well.

So the partnership with Mochi.Market on this token claimable airdrop service is just the start of a long collaboration, and as we will continue to develop future collaborations to increase the adoption of NFTs.

A Shared Vision

  • Mochi.Market will support Seedify.Fund with technical support and know-how on the NFT market, share resources, and ecosystem partners
  • Seedify.Fund will provide Mochi.Market with community and marketing support initially

Having both partners being positioned in Binance Smart Chain and aiming to become cross-chain projects with other networks, and Mochi.Market aim to leverage this partnership to further enhance adoption of NFT landscape.

What the Founders are saying

“Seedify.Fund is a community-driven project that aims to be a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Mochi.Market shares this value and vision with Seedify.Fund.

Both of the projects are being built on Binance Smart Chain as the starting point. We see a lot of synergies between Mochi.Market and Seedify.Fund. We believe that this partnership will bring tremendous value to our investors, ecosystem partners, and users”

Levent Cem Aydan, Founder at Seedify.Fund said:

“Mochi.Lab team has been sharing their technical resources and know-how on the NFT market, like a sister company. For us Mochi.Lab collaboration is much more than a partnership. Their team is full of great people, who will create major technical innovations in the NFT industry.

As Seedify.Fund we will support their efforts with our marketing and community strength, and support the growth of their ecosystems with our decentralized funding mechanisms targeted at NFTs as well. As the NFT market is becoming a major trend in the blockchain industry, this long term collaboration between Seedify.Fund and Mochi.Market will be one that will foster the NFT adoption on a global scale.”

Learn more about Mochi.Market:

Learn more about Seedify.Fund:

A blockchain innovation ecosystem with a Seed Stage Fund, Decentralized Incubator & Launchpad. Website:

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