Community Ambassadors Program Launch

In the past couple days since we launched our airdrop program we received a lot of messages from community members who want to be involved in our community building efforts.

Mainly these conversations were about:

  • creating native language community building and native language groups which will help to create communities in different countries and regions around the world.
  • moderating our main Telegram group as well as future social channels
  • and new strategies on new community building, engagement, and other such activities to grow our community even further while helping all the newcomers with onboarding

In 2 days after our first airdrop announcement our community grew so fast, beyond our expectations. Some of our current numbers at the time of writing this article:

  • 31.000+ Telegram Group members
  • 26.000+ Twitter followers
  • 26.000+ Medium followers

These are amazing numbers for our start, but we don’t want to stop here. Our plan is to keep on pushing to create one of the most diverse communities of blockchain ecosystem so when our DAO is on mainnet, and entrepreneurs come to list their project proposals for seed funding & incubation, the voting procedures can capture the decisions of a big and diverse community from all around the world.

Another reason why we want to push on community building efforts is that, the more we capture new community members, there will be a bigger support environment for entrepreneurs who list their projects at, and they will achieve an instant community through winning the decentralized votes on

So without further due let’s talk about our Community Ambassadors Program:

  • We will adopt a tier based approach in our program
  • The members who are more active, who are putting more effort, and supporting our community building efforts more will be upgraded into higher tiers with more rewards and after market release we will offer the best members of our community ambassadors monthly compensations as well besides token rewards.
  • The way to upgrade into new tiers will be initially decided by the team, and as there are more members on the higher tiers, they will also join the decision-making process on which ambassadors to upgrade to higher tiers.
  • The highest tier members will be also going through a recommendation system, where if projects selected by our decentralized voting procedures and selected into our incubator program need support in community building efforts, we will recommend our high tier ambassadors to these projects, so they can help out to the success of funded projects, and in return gain additional rewards and benefits from these projects.
  • Also as this program gets more mature, we will have certain educational and guided materials so members who want to put more effort and become more active, can do everything with proven and successful methods.

So all in all, our Community Ambassadors Program will be a systematic approach to create benefits for both:

  • Ambassadors
  • Community
  • and Projects funded by through the community decentralized voting outcomes

And the rewards for tiers will be as following:

  • Level 0: No rewards, this will be the level when ambassadors first join the program
  • Level 1: 1000 $SFUND tokens in total
  • Level 2: 2500 $SFUND tokens in total
  • Level 3: 5000 $SFUND tokens in total
  • These rewards will be the initial set numbers until market release, and after market release, according to the price of the token these numbers will change in the future.
  • The rewards will be distributed before the Uniswap listing according to which tier you are in at that time.
  • Also, you won’t get 8500 tokens when you reach Level 3, or 3500 when reaching level 2, these numbers are the total numbers provided. So if you are at Level 1 at market release you will get 1000, if you are at level 2 you will get 2500, and if you are at level 3 you will get 5000 tokens.

Finally, members who want to join the community ambassadors program will need to go through KYC and an onboarding processes. This is to make sure we vet each application, and we only work with ambassadors who are not anonymous. This is due to not creating any risks in the future of community, as well as the communities of funded projects of

If you would like to apply to the Ambassadors Program;

If for some reason you don’t see the form below click here.

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