Development News

Hello Community!

Today, we would like to update you guys on the development related news regarding!

As some of you might know, we initially were going to launch using Ethereum as layer 1, however after community feedbacks, and a community poll that took place, 95%+ of the voters decided that we should launch on Binance Smart Chain.

While we had’s testnet products for DAO (made on Aragon) and splitter smart contract mentioned in this article, testable on Rinkeby testnet, now rather than using Aragon as our framework of our DAO on Ethereum, we will be using a completely different framework and layer 1, using on a custom DAO interface we will develop using Binance Smart Chain.

For reference: according to another community poll result we had on 8th of March, with 82% yay votes, has been selected by our community, as a gasless DAO framework solution, which will incur 0 fees when using the decentralized voting system, which will help more of our community to become engaged:

  • in the project proposal funding decisions of,
  • as well as other decisions regarding the parameters of products and ecosystem,
  • as well as regarding decisions on yearly DAO roadmaps, which we will decide with our community at each year’s Q4, to decide next year’s roadmap and new products together!

With this information explained, we would like to share other important news on the development part of!

Today we are ready to announce that on the development part:

  • 3 smart contract developers
  • 1 frontend developer
  • 1 backend developer
  • and 1 UI designer

are working on various products of

We will develop product-ecosystem with a multi-team agile technique, so rather than completing one product and then focusing on the next, we will develop multiple parts ecosystem products with a variety of different blockchain agencies and developers as contractors.

This last 2 weeks the team have communicated with over 50 different developers and agencies, and made sure that each hired agency and developer has the skills required to complete products in a desired way, as well as making sure that they have many positive recommendations in their fields from other products‘ founders and team that they have helped build.

Once our product ecosystem is completed we will also have each of the contractors that we have worked with introduced in our Solution Partners Program, so other projects that funds can work with them too.

Our hiring process on the development part will continue, so we can release all products of ecosystem with speed and efficiency, and have bring the value propositions it is visioning for our community, innovators, solution partners, and blockchain ecosystem’s adoption in an agile way.

Also, we would like to note that each part of the product we will push to mainnet will be securely audited by at least 2 major security audit firms, so while we are building with a multi-team agile approach, we can make sure that our products are fully secure, without any major risks involved.

On another note, right after market release we will also start to enlarge our full time team especially for:

  • Solution Partners Program where world class business development managers will be hired to help projects we fund get the partners they need effectively
  • Decentralized Incubator where we will hire incubation managers who have past experience in leading traditional incubators and innovation centers, so they can bring their know how and connections to incubator
  • As well as hiring other key full-time members for other key roles that will make team and product ecosystem much stronger.

While we are very close to the distribution of community rewards, and market release, we believe we did a fine job by gathering a massive community during this one month with over 60.000 members around

We would like you to know that we will be up to speed to work on our products with just as much care as we showed to building a community, and during this week we will also showcase the user interfaces for the first major parts of our product ecosystem regarding the decentralized seed stage funding mechanisms where our community will be in full control of the funding decisions of Funding Pool through the DAO to help bring next innovations of blockchain to life!

Thank you! Team