Launchpad Introduction & Community Polls

Hello Community!

Today we are here to bring you more information on Launchpad, as well as hold community polls to decide on certain features regarding the Launchpad, together!

Brief Introduction to Mechanisms:

Initially, whitepaper consisted of a seed stage funding mechanism through a DAO-governed funding pool, and a decentralized incubator where project founders:

  1. Propose their projects for seed funding (by creating a custom page after KYC checks) at DAO dashboard with information about their projects such as: whitepaper, pitch deck, team, website, socials and such,
  2. Get voted by SFUND holders on blockchain through decentralized voting,
  3. Receive the required funding by winning the votes with 80% yay (yes) threshold with 20% quorum (attendance),
  4. Get $75.000 worth of seed funding from the funding pool, as well as entrance to the decentralized incubator.
  5. In exchange for 3% of tokens from their project to be distributed among SFUND stakers, community involvers, reallocation to funding pool, and operations pool, once their token is minted, as described in the Mechanics of the Funding Pool part of our whitepaper.

As such,’s staking utilities works in a mechanism where stakers of SFUND will get reward tokens from all the funded projects by the DAO mechanism described above:

  • by staking SFUND tokens at our dashboard,
  • Using a DeFi mechanism that is non-inflationary, yet rewarding a range of different tokens in a diversified way,
  • From projects that are vetted, selected and supported by community, token holders, DAO and decentralized incubator mechanisms.

Introduction to Launchpad

Few weeks ago, a community vote was held on whether to have a launchpad at or not, on top of these products that are mostly focused on the seed stages of projects:

The result was, out of 4370 votes (as of writing this), 95% of our community said yes.

This was a clear sign that our community not only wanted to support projects in their early stages, but also wanted to fund these projects which have been selected and supported by community, during their token sale events.

Today, we are ready to release more elaborate information to our community, regarding the features of Launchpad, and ask you to decide on important matters and parameters regarding Launchpad.

At its core, the Launchpad will be used as a “Token Crowdfunding Platform” for:

  • Presales
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and
  • Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs)

Completing The Innovation Journey

Having a launchpad in the product ecosystem will be completing the core product journey to help blockchain projects:

  • gather the needed resources in their idea or initial development stages through the Funding Pool
  • create better products through the support environment provided by Decentralized Incubator
  • build larger communities around their products by tapping a large community that is already available around
  • and have their token sales at our Launchpad to bring more resources to develop their products and communities to become ready for mass adoption.

A Tiered Allocation System + Double Benefit System Through Staking

Since our community is already becoming larger in size day by day (55.000+ members as of writing this article), these token sale events will likely be getting a lot of interest from both our community, and potential future community members & SFUND holders.

Therefore, we want to make sure there is a great allocation system behind Launchpad, so it doesn’t turn into a complete lottery, unlike some other launchpads do.

(Also) While most launchpad tokens provide only a utility to get into these whitelists; through the staking system at, SFUND holders will not only get allocations from Launchpad projects alone,

But also getting reward tokens from all projects that funds in their seed stages before these token sale events.

Through this double benefit system, SFUND utilities will be rewarding in two different ways for token holders.

This double benefit Defi system also means more opportunities to rise to the higher ranked allocations tiers on the token sale events, and get better financial benefits from both:

  • staking rewards from all seed funded projects
  • token sale allocations from selected projects

We want to decide on these allocation tiers through community polls, so to create the best system possible.

These tiers will essentially create extra layers of financial opportunities for token holders who are holding more SFUNDs, where more SFUNDs will mean:

  • more allocation chances (increased % to pass the whitelist),
  • and bigger allocation sizes (increased funding allocation) in these presales, ICOs and IDOs.
  • while still keeping some low tiers for everyone to have a chance to participate and work their ways up through the tiers.

Community Polls Regarding Launchpad

The community poll is being held with questions such as:

  • How many tiers, should we create for the allocation structure?
  • How many tokens each tier should hold/stake?
  • Whether to hold presales, ICOs and IDOs of projects who want to use only the Launchpad product of
  • Moreover, if the previous question passes, whether to pick these projects for token sale events through a decentralized voting vetting system?
  • And more questions to create the best system possible together!

So we can decide on the core system of Launchpad together!

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