More than a Launchpad

While the state of markets change some may ask “how will Launchpads survive in times where IDOs are not too favorable”?

This article is to address what brings to the table not just for days with sun and rainbows, but also for those days, where the only great thing to do is to #BUIDL.

In the past, veterans of cryptocurrency market has already gone through many market cycles, where ICOs/IDOs were the hottest thing at one point, and then they were not in other market conditions. When markets start to bleed, the attention of the cryptocommunity changes completely, the big news, exchange listings, partnerships, and ICOs/IDOs stop being relevant.

For someone who just entered this volatile market it is hard to grasp how such a change in reality can happen, thankfully these times do not last either.

As the saying goes “For every dark night there is a brighter day after that”.

On the innovation side, the darkest nights actually tend to produce the brightest stars of the future. Innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs who show resilience during these dark moments, tend to focus even more on product development. These changes in the market, creates a new set of technologies and trends that we call as “disruptive innovations”.

As our whitepaper consisted of two main products: (1) DAO-driven Seed Fund, and (2) Decentralized Incubator initially. Later on, after many feedbacks from our community we also made a poll about whether to include a Launchpad to our product cycle.

The rest, was to start developing the Launchpad which completed our innovation hub journey; because for projects who got their seed funds, and incubation from it introduced a place for having crowd-oriented fundraising, while creating another utility for $SFUND holders to get IDO allocations from the projects funded and incubated.

Prior to IDO allocation mechanism, the “Seed Staking” mechanism introduced in our whitepaper to get free tokens from each project funds through its funding pool, was the main Defi benefit, so coupled with IDO allocations, the system became a double DeFi benefit system where;

1. Holders can stake to earn free tokens from all projects seed funded by our funding pool

2. As well as get IDO allocations to get more of these tokens prior to dex listings

Post-2017 brought awareness that was hard to swallow at first, but thanks to those times we can now proudly use DeFi products, play blockchain games, own our digital art and items, and use a set of different layer 1s through cross-chain bridges. This is just like the times when people started to use their first Internet products. Real blockchain revolution, and innovations are just starting right now.

As we are here to foster the upcoming innovations, and provide a hub, not just with a Launchpad but with a full fledged innovation journey designed by taking its aspirations from native Silicon Valley accelerator models like Y combinator, which are time-tested models that breed unicorns (billion dollar+ valuation companies) constantly. Their traditional model works because they are not just focused on taking companies to IPOs, but they actually support projects through seed funding and incubation models.

While designing the model of, we also added DAO-driven and decentralized elements, so we not only copycat the traditional accelerator model, but also disrupt it with the benefits provided by blockchain and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

For instance, onchain, decentralized voting to choose which projects will get seed funded and incubated is a layer that connects with the foundational ideas of blockchain ecosystem, which gives the power of decision to the community. Changing the gestalt from centralization to decentralization creates a system whereby the projects that are supported are those that the community loves.

And then in the incubation layer, support on many crucial points come in effect, to make sure the projects funded become even stronger in their fundemantals, user experience, designs, token utilities, value propositions, community building and other crucial aspects, so when they are released to the market, they can show greater metrics of adoption and survive through all kinds of markets through more profound execution.

So in basics, the Seed Funding mechanism coupled with our Decentralized Incubator is designed to nurture sustainable organizations and products that can survive and thrive whether markets go north or south.

Another advantage of our Seed Fund & Incubator model is that, during negative market sentiments, itself won’t just stop and wait for markets to get better. If we would only have a Launchpad product, we could not say this to be the case.

The nature of a Launchpad derives its force from positive markets, but these models mentioned in this article are just as relevant in negative market sentiments, where upgrading a project/organization to its’ most wonderful state will be the foundation for future success of many innovations to come.

With the current SFUND value, which has taken down by current market, we can still seed fund and incubate about 150 projects each 6 months with our funding pool. This means a project almost everyday. And free staking rewards from all these projects to SFUND holders, as well as more projects to prepare for our Launchpad.

As a side note; while adding the Launchpad to our product ecosystem cycle and roadmap, we have not stopped working on our core mechanisms, adopting a multi-team agile development style, so we can push many products at once.

During the month of June, you will be seeing our DAO-driven seed funding mechanism fully fledged with a dashboard, and the Seed Staking model on top of it, where you will be able to earn tokens for free, from each seed funded project selected by the community through the DAO.

In order to research our Seed Funding and Decentralized Incubation models further, and take a look at the new token utilities that these mechanisms will bring, these links from our whitepaper will help you grasp the full picture further:

Mechanics of the Funding Pool: Decentralized Incubator:

Seed Staking Utility:

About is a blockchain innovation hub with a DAO-driven seed stage fund, decentralized incubator, and launchpad, for empowering next innovations of the blockchain ecosystem, through community-driven governance, feedback, involvement and funding mechanisms.

While providing a journey of decentralized support & improvement environment for innovators,’s token SFUND also comes with many utilities and DeFi mechanisms that share the benefits of this ecosystem with SFUND holders.

To learn more about; visit for’s whitepaper, and follow @SeedifyFund on Twitter and/or join our Telegram Announcements channel.

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