SFUND Yield Farming Guide

SFUND Yield Farming

Hello Seedify.fund Community!

Seedify.fund is now live on Pancakeswap, and SFUND Yield Farming program is live as well!

Those who put liquidity at Pancakeswap on the initial pair of SFUND, which is SFUND/BNB pair; can stake the LP tokens they get from Pancakeswap at TosDis’ web app’s farming section, where SFUND pool for SFUND-BNB will be there for you to earn SFUNDs with your LP tokens.

Getting Your SFUND and BNB Ready

For those who are new to yield farming/liquidity mining programs here is the first section of our step by step guide, so you have both SFUND and BNB to pair for liquidity:

  1. First of all, you will need to connect to Pancakeswap, with a wallet integration that they allow, these are: Metamask, Trustwallet, Mathwallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, Binance Chain Wallet, and SafePal Wallet.
  2. After you connect to Pancakeswap, you have to make sure that you have both SFUND and BNB.
  3. If you don’t have one of these yet, you will need to first get each of these tokens to be able to put liquidity. While there are a lot of guides online on how to buy BNB, we would like to explain how you can buy SFUNDs, once you have BNB in your wallet that is connected to Pancakeswap.
  4. To be able to do this, first click on the “Trade” section in the left hand-side of Pancakeswap, then click “Exchange“, and then while leaving BNB on “From” section, click on “Select a Currency” on “To” section, and paste SFUND token address which is: 0x477bc8d23c634c154061869478bce96be6045d12 and then click on SFUND under the appeared section.
  5. Once this is done, you will be able to trade on Pancakeswap with BNB vs SFUND, according to how much you would like to get.

General Info on Liquidity Providing

Before going to the next section of this guide, which will be about how to put liquidity, we would like to inform you on certain things regarding liquidity providing mechanisms:

  • First of all, in order to provide liquidity you will always need to pair it up. This means that say if you want to put liquidity worth of 1000 SFUND tokens, and let’s say, that is worth 200$ at the time you want to put liquidity, in order to pair it up, you will also need 200$ worth of BNB token (at the time of writing this is about 0.75 BNB).
  • So whenever you are putting liquidity you should have the exact dollar value of each token paired, in order to provide liquidity. Let’s say you have less BNB in dollars when you are trying to put liquidity, then you will only be able to put the dollar amount equal to that, for example let’s say you have only 0.25 BNB, in this case the max amount of SFUND you can put on liquidity would be diminished according to that.
  • Also while providing liquidity you should understand the phenomenon of impermanent loss. While you are providing liquidity, what you are essentially doing is providing pairs to the market, so there can be liquidity when others are buying and selling. If one of the pair’s price goes up, or down, you will incur an impermanent loss. There are more guides online for understanding impermanent loss, as well as calculators you can use to understand how much impermanent loss would accrue, in case of uprises or declines in one of the pairs, in our case SFUND and BNB.
  • While impermanent loss is a thing, liquidity mining program we have is to mitigate this, and help you earn more extra SFUND tokens.
  • While we have a high amount of SFUND tokens rewarded from the liquidity mining program, these rewards will be distributed among all liquidity providers that are staking, so the APY and rewards will be according to how much of the percentage you have in the pool.
  • For example for the first 3 months, the rewards will be 1.500.000 tokens each month, and if you have 1% of the pool, you will receive about 15.000 tokens each month.
  • However, the APY is not a set number, and the more liquidity gets staked in the liquidity mining program, the rewards will be divided among more liquidity providers, so while when you start the liquidity mining on the first day, the APY might be very high, it will start to decrease according to how much others are putting liquidity and staking. We share this for full transparency.
  • The more liquidity there is, it also means a healthier market, with lesser volatility on each trade, so the more liquidity there will be trade by trade basis impermanent loss will decrease.

Step by Step Guide on Providing Liquidity for SFUND-BNB pair at Pancakeswap

Without further due let’s go into the liquidity step by step guide:

  1. Once you have both SFUND and BNB, you will first click on “Liquidity” section under “Trade” tab on the left hand side of Pancakeswap.
  2. Then you will click on “Add Liquidity” button
  3. Have BNB as the first input
  4. Have SFUND as the second input (Token address: 0x477bc8d23c634c154061869478bce96be6045d12)
  5. And then select how much of each token you want to put for liquidity, remember that their dollar value needs to be same.
  6. And then click “Supply”, in order to put the liquidity.
  7. Once you click that it will show how many LP tokens you are getting. The number of LP tokens will be a set number by Pancakeswap according to how much liquidity you are providing.
  8. Then “Confirm Supply” on the popup.
  9. Then your integrated wallet will appear, and you will be asked to confirm the transaction.
  10. Once the transaction is complete you now have the LP tokens to be able to be staked and earn SFUND rewards, through the liquidity mining program.

Once you have the LP tokens, all you need to do is:
- Visit https://app.tosdis.finance/liquid-mining
- Click BSC network, on the right hand side and integrate your wallet
- Click on Approve on SFUND Pool, Confirm Transaction in Your Wallet
- And then click Stake, in the menu click Max, and then reclick Stake
- Confirm the Transaction in your Wallet again
- Congratulations, you can now start earning SFUNDs each block!
*This month’s Yield Farming Rewards are 1.5m SFUND tokens!

*You will be able to deposit, withdraw, stake and unstake at anytime. Your rewards will be accruing each block for harvesting at anytime.

*Since TosDis’ webapp integrates with 4 of the wallets that are integratable with PancakeSwap, you will need to use one of these wallets to stake your LP tokens to get SFUND rewards:

  • Metamask
  • Trustwallet
  • Mathwallet
  • WalletConnect

If you have any issues connecting to TosDis visit their telegram for support:

‌Rewards Allocated to Yield Farming:

Month 1: 1.500.000 SFUND

Month 2: 1.500.000 SFUND

Month 3: 1.500.000 SFUND

Month 4: 1.000.000 SFUND

Month 5: 1.000.000 SFUND

Month 6: 500.000 SUND

Month 7: 500.000 SFUND

Month 8: 500.000 SFUND

Month 9: 500.000 SFUND

Month 10: 500.000 SFUND

Divided among all liquidity providers staking the LP tokens, according to their pool shares.

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